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About Us

Welcome to Breakfast Guru Restaurant & Bar, nestled in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where culinary excellence harmonizes with warm hospitality. Our menu showcases a fusion of flavors, paying homage to various culinary traditions. From classic favorites to alternative creations, we aim to elevate your dining experience with a harmonious blend of taste and creativity. Come and explore a world where every bite narrates a story of passion and culinary expertise. Join us, and let your palate embark on a delightful adventure.

About the Owner

Meet Ani, the culinary maestro and visionary owner of Breakfast Guru, a delightful breakfast haven located in the coastal beauty of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Hailing from the charming landscapes of Bulgaria, Ani embarked on a journey that led across continents, ultimately bringing the warmth of Bulgarian hospitality to the heart of American breakfast culture. Ani’s story unfolds with a passion for blending traditions. Having transplanted her roots to Delaware, she found inspiration in the diverse tapestry of American cuisine. With a dream to create a space where the flavors of her homeland harmonize with the classic American cuisine experience, Ani founded Breakfast Guru. This culinary haven serves up traditional American breakfast staples with Ani’s unique touch. From fluffy pancakes and sizzling bacon to perfectly brewed coffee, Breakfast Guru is a celebration of the rich and diverse American breakfast culture. Each dish tells a story of Ani’s culinary expertise, where she seamlessly weaves Bulgarian charm into the fabric of traditional American flavors. Beyond the kitchen, Ani is the welcoming face of Breakfast Guru, ensuring that every guest experiences not just a meal but a symphony of flavors and cultures. Join Ani and her team in the heart of Rehoboth Beach, where Breakfast Guru invites you to savor the best of both worlds- the warmth of Bulgaria and the classic delights of American breakfast.